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Logic Gator | Custom Computers
Logic Gator
Logic Gator opened its doors in 2018 to begin offering affordable, custom computers to gamers, businesses, and anyone looking to save money while getting a sleek computer. We formed because we think that a computer shouldn't be upcharged $1,000 just because somebody else built it for you. Here at Logic Gator, we strive to be transparent, fast, and affordable for all incomes. We have a wide selection of prebuilt computers available and a custom computer building utility that gives you all the power!

Thank you for coming to Logic Gator!
Cory Cherven
I'm a third-year undergraduate computer science and mathematics student in Buffalo, NY. I've been working with computers (both successfully and unsuccessfully) since 2008. I've built handfuls of computers since and have begun studying the hardware and software behind them full-time. Rest assured that I will build your computer in a jiffy and get it to you at the most affordable rate! I'm a hobbyist, not a businessman, I'm not here to siphon your pockets! If you ever want to communicate with me directly, use our contact page!